Text Box: After Ellen:  “Cookbooks, especially those written by and for a community (like your local church's cookbook) do a lot more than just collect recipes. They have a lot to say about domestic ideals, gender roles and even ethnic identity. They can be part of constructing sexual identity, too . . . .  the butch cook book embraces lesbian sexuality, but from a butch-loving perspective.”—Malinda Lo
Text Box: “My girlfriend gave me the book for the holidays and I read it cover to cover as if it were a novel. The recipes were wonderful (though I haven't tried all of them yet), and the morsels and stories were like medicine. I work in the LGBTQ community, and even still, butch identify can be very lonely.”—Carly

the butch cook book won the Huffington Post contest called “The Most Unusual Cookbooks,” and will be appearing in The Perfect Family motion picture starring the always brilliant Kathleen Turner who uses the butch cook book for that perfect moment of unspoken cultural divide between desperate-to-look-mainstream mother (Turner) and pregnant lesbian daughter (Emily Deschanel).

Text Box: Seattle Gay News: “With the recipes [the editors] include stories and butch culture that Mercy found delightful.”  [One of columnist’s three favorite books of the year]--Mercy Text Box: Bay Windows: “Along with the recipes are literary quotes, insights, and historical anecdotes on what it means to be butch, making this not just a cookbook, but also a celebration of lesbian culture past and present. —Dana Rudolph
Text Box: “People loved its generosity, gentleness and great sense of humor.”—Katharina Vester (author of ”QueerAppetites, Butch Cooking:  Recipes for Lesbian Subjectivities” in Queers in American Popular Culture, V. 3) 
Text Box:  “I love the butch cook book—and I'm someone who hates to cook! It's a wonderful combination of seductive food, engaging personal stories, and butch history. Who could resist?”—Ann Bannon (author of the Beebo Brinker series)
Text Box: “Could there be anything better than a butch wearing flannel?  The same one standing at a stove holding the butch cook book.  If you’re among those lesbians lucky enough to be with a butch who cooks—I am—grab this fabulous collection as a reward (one of them) for her.  And if you’re not that lucky, then go looking—with this book in your hand.”—Katherine V. Forrest

Booklist: “This is more than just a witty cookbook. The editors envision the volume as a ‘validation of who we are,’ and the personal stories that accompany the recipes (as well as the forays into lesbian history) are as comforting as the food.”—Ilene Cooper